Mandrake the Magician

Once again Hollyweird is digging deep into the dusty shelves of yesteryear to find fresh ideas for the movie-goer. In this case, Warner Bros and Atlas Entertainment plan to bring back Mandrake the Magician!

This isn't the first time that Mandrake has been dusted off and presented to a new audience. Like a vampire from an old Hammer film, Mandrake continues to be reborn. He began in 1934 as a comic strip written by Lee Falk. .(Falk was also the creator of The Phantom.)

Mandrake made his way into comic books and later into radio and films. In 1954, NBC tried to bring Mandrake to the small screen but he didn't make it past the pilot. That might have finished another superhero but an animated series Defenders of the Earth (1986–87) featured our top hat wearing magician.

Can Mandrake be reinterpreted for a modern audience or is he doomed to the dustbin of forgotten superheroes? Warner Bros is hoping for a Mandrake revival.

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