Horror hottie: Anna Torv

Anna Torv may be the only reason to watch Mindhunter on Netflix but you decide. What is Mindhunter? The FBI attempts to create a profile of murders in the 70's. Shrug?

Justice League

Don't get me wrong, I like superheroes --- I really do. Hell, there was a time that I was among the first to line up at the theater. That being said --- really Hollywood --- really. Yet another superhero movie?

Okay, well, I have to admit that I loved Wonder Woman. To be honest, I think I'll wait for the reviews of this one before I buy a ticket.

Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Official Trailer

Tarantula Official Trailer

Playing on Svengoolie this Saturday 7 pm central. I think you can guess what I will be watching this weekend.

Forbidden love

Hey everyone have a great ( and safe )  Sunday!