Review Policy

I do not accept any compensation for my reviews other than the book or product that I am reviewing. When I receive a free review product, I include that in the review.

I have recently deleted by Amazon Associate account and no longer receive money for links to Amazon.

Take a moment to go through my book and product reviews, I try to give a fair review. My interest leans toward classic science fiction, horror, and fantasy.  That being said, I have an eclectic taste in books and I’ll read almost anything.

If you are interested in a book or product review at "Attention Earthlings!", please contact me at Attention Earthlings.

I will try to read your book within 2 weeks, although, that can vary due to the size of my reading queue. I try to review non-book products (games, cards, movies, etc.) within a week.  As you might imagine; I can not accept all book or product review requests, or promise to review unsolicited review copies.

Thank you …

Dale T. Doll
or Barry Huddleston 


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