Review Policy

If you are interested in a book or product review at "Attention Earthlings!"or "Gnostalgia", please contact me at Attention Earthlings.

Take a moment to go through my book and product reviews, I try to give a fair review. My interest leans toward classic science fiction, horror, and fantasy.  That being said, I have an eclectic taste in books and I’ll read almost anything.

Some reviews will also be posted on my Gnostalgia blog (link). My Gnostalgia blog leans toward Spirituality and the paranormal, however, it is not uncommon for me to cross post.

I will try to read your book within two months, although, that can vary due to the size of my reading queue. I try to review non-book products (games, cards, etc.) within a month. Due to the death of my Kindle ( a few months after the expiration of the warranty --- thanks for nothing Amazon ) I do not accept self-published books and ebooks. As you might imagine; I can not accept all book review requests, or promise to review unsolicited review copies.

Let me know which blog (or both?) best fits your product ...

Thank you …

Barry Huddleston