White Zombie --- April ghoul's day

April ghoul's day! Congratulations to Sharon Day and Julie Ferguson on their debut of "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse". A great little zombie book... To celebrate, I have picked out the zombie movie of all zombie movies, White Zombie.

Madeleine (Madge Bellamy) arrives at midnight to witness a mysterious burial before coming face to face with the satanic looking Murder Legendre (Lugosi with goatee and searing eyes) a hypnotist and voodoo master who has been supplying the local mills with an army of zombie laborers. Madeleine's nightmare is just beginning. Having landed in a world of almost perpetual night where hollow-eyed zombies lumber through the sugar mill and the ghostly town is eerily bereft of living souls she becomes the object of desire for Legendre whose plan to possess her involves her initiation to the world of the undead.

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