Return of the Sharktopus

My deep dark Lovecraftian soul is soaring with the news that my favorite tentacled shark is getting a pair of sequels. I was certain that the Syfy channel had abandoned our shark, and even wrote a sonnet in protest.

The Hunt for the Snarktopus

"Just the place for a Snarktopus," the Syfy fans cried;
as they gathered 'round the TV sets with their eyes opened wide.
Who could "imagine greater" than the Syfy channel on TV?
Wonderfully tentacled horror to enjoy, and all to watch for free.

The Snarktopus, as expected, met his grisly end;
while Syfy executives gathered to watch the buzz and trend.
Imagine greater ... the B movie fans wanted more.
O' that tentacled horror that the fans simply adore.

There was talk of a sequel; because a Snarktopus never dies.
But, that doesn't mean that a Snarktopus wont vanish before our eyes.
The idea of a sequel just simply faded away;
it doesn't really matter what the Syfy fans have to say.

For the Snarktopus saw an ugly Boojum, you see.
Who knew Boojums were named named Syfy TV?
Perhaps Syfy is not such a Boojum after all, because Sharktopus is returning with "SHARKTOPUS VS.PTERACUDA" (I imagine a dinosaur/barracuda?) and "SHARKTOPUS VS. MERMANTULA" (part man, part piranha and part tarantula )

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