The week wrap-up 11/15

My cousin Ronnie passed away. He has suffered with several illness for a long time, and now, he is finally at peace.

The morning is cold, the temperature was 32 on my back porch this morning. Peppy is reluctant to go outside and he left a few morning surprises in the hallway. He has spent almost all of the morning curled up on a blanket inches away from my feet.


I have decided to get a copy of an html editor that will allow me to better customize my "Attention Earthlings" template. While I am satisfied with the current template, I feel the need to tweak the template to better fit me.

I have downloaded a copy of Gimp to do a better job with the sizing of my graphics and, perhaps, make a nice header of some sort. I'm thinking of something with a Cthulhu image. I also plan to cross-post my steampunk/horror/scifi on Gnostalgia to Attention Earthlings. However, before I copy those posts over, I need to delete old dead movie links. I am amazed that so many "public domain" movies on Youtube have been deleted. Thanks for nothing Youtube.

I've decided not to build an Attention Earthlings fan page on Facebook. Instead, I think that it will be better to merge Attention Earthlings into the Gnostalgia fan page.


I am at level 44 on Star Wars the Old Republic. I have about half or more of the planet Voss yet to do. After that, I will move onto to the planet Corellia and finally ending the game by killing Lord Thanaton. After Star Wars, I will start playing Path of Exile (link, a free-to-play game).


I didn't buy any books this week, although, I did get one in the mail. I want to thank Weiser Books for the free review copy.

Don't expect a review of this one, I reviewed this book a couple of years ago (link) on Gnostalgia and the only thing new is the title and cover.  Having said that, I made a video thumb-through of the book.


I enjoyed The Mummy on Svengoolie (link).  It was a blast I love those old horror films. I also watched the DVD of Hercules (Dwayne Johnson). I'll write up a DVD review of the movie next week.

I guess that about wraps up this week. Thanks for taking the time to read my mental vowel movement and inane babble. Please leave suggestions of things that you'd like to see on Attention Earthlings!
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