Skyforge worth it?

Being a god isn't all it's cracked up to be as we learn by playing Skyforge (official site). Skyforge is a AAA sci/fantasy game that is simply gorgeous. Like a great many people, I tried out the beta and was blown away by the graphics.When it comes to a free-to-play game, I really don't expect to play a top-notch game so I was very impressed with Skyforge.

In the beginning, we start as "immortals" as a means to explain why we don't die. Eventually, we strive to become gods as we level-up. The game play is  pretty much what you would expect from an MMO --- kill ten to these, pick up ten of those, and repeat. If you can't beat a boss, level up until you can crush him. As time went on, the game felt a little too grindy and I was not impressed with the voice acting.

So is it worth it? By in large, I'm going to give Skyforge a thumbs up. Having said that, I'm wasn't hooked on the game and I'll return to my other MMOs.

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