Death of an old computer and life with Linux

Back in May of last year, I pulled out an old, a very old, computer with the idea of bringing new life to it with a fresh Linux OS. I had flirted with Linux for several years, in fact I installed Ubuntu 8 from an old cd that I had lying around on that old computer. Eventually, I settled on Peppermint OS to run that old computer and, to my amazement, it became my go-to computer.

Sadly, the old computer died this morning. I am pretty sure that it is the power supply and that I could repair it. However, I don't believe that the old computer, a mini-tower, is worth the price of a new power supply. At a certain point, you just gotta let it go.

I guess that the old computer brought me back to Linux --- to stay. While I may still use Windows 10 for a few things (gaming), I will always use a Linux OS as my daily workhorse.

These days, I am using a computer that I call Frankenstein. The name is due to the fact that I have cobbled it together from other computers. Frankenstein is located in the Florida-room/family-room and runs Manjaro Linux. I am really loving Manjaro, it is a fabulous system.

Expect to see me talk about Manjaro and Arch in the future. My successes, failures, and royal screw-ups, will all be a part of what I call "Living with Linux".
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