"House Shark" Teaser Trailer, "JAWS" in a HOUSE!

Don't roll your eyes at me, you know you want to watch it.

The scientist, the grizzled former real estate agent, and the former cop prepare to fight the House Shark
“Just when you thought it was safe to go home!”
January, 2016 – Syracuse, NY
SRS Cinema unleashed a teaser trailer this past Thursday for their current production of “House Shark”, and now they’ve followed it up with an inventive, humor-filled Indiegogo campaign to aid in getting the movie financed. If you’re a “JAWS” fan – and who isn’t?!! – the tongue-in-cheek perks alone make it a must-read. Perks are named after either breeds of shark, or characters from that blockbuster film, while the descriptions give new slants on many of the movie’s all too memorable quotes. There’s also a brief fundraiser specific video with inside info on the movie’s writer/director, Ron Bonk, his past productions like “She Kills” (which is pre-selling as part of the campaign), and of course details on “House Shark” – which includes bonus glimpses at the scenes already shot and some quick FIRST EVER glances at the concept art for the House Shark itself. As a bonus, there’s 60+ more links in the gallery to past movie trailers and videos from Ron Bonk’s long career in the underground, as well as behind the scenes pictures and promotional stills from many of his past productions. SRS also promises video updates each week during the campaign.

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