My techy week

Here is a screen shot of my Manjaro system. I have added screenfetch to my terminal. Basically you download screenfetch from the Linux repository that you are using. In my case, I used the add/remove software in my Applications menu. After downloading and installing Screenfetch, I added it to my terminal by adding screenfetch to the bottom of my bashrc. It is a simple edit and I have done the same thing with my PeppermintOS system.

I gave up on my Variety wallpaper changer. To be perfectly honest, I just didn't like the selection of wallpapers. Eventually, I picked a wallpaper called "steam whales" by Sebastien Hue (link).

Having said that, if you would like a linux-based wallpaper changer Variety is good and you can give it a try by downloading it from your software repository.

My Kindle Fire continues to be very handy and I have downloaded 3 magazines and a book on basic Chess.

I'm playing World of Warcraft on my Windows 10 system. I'm a level 10 Panda Ranger named Bazlan. Now I understand how people have become so addicted to that game.

So many things to try ... so little bandwidth. Have a great weekend.
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