My recent Warframe failure

Simply put, much of my problems with games are probably due in large part to my slow internet connect. However, due to my economic situation, I can not afford to upgrade or change my internet provider. That being said, I can't help but give the stink-eye to Warframe and Digital Extremes.

I downloaded Warframe using Steam. Sure it took a long time but, with my time with Star Wars The Old Republic drawing to a close, I wanted a crack at a new game. Steam managed to download the game without any issues and I didn't have any troubles until I began receiving updates from Warframe.

Of course, the game gave me a few error messages during game-play and it didn't feel quite right. I checked the game files using Steam validation and Steam re-downloaded the game. Once again, it took forever but everything seemed fine until the updates from Warframe. Yes, it was the same thing all over again. I checked the forums but nothing worked and I sent in an error report but I haven't heard back.

Enough was enough, I deleted Warframe.
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