Barry's weekly wrap-up 7/2/16

Personal log...

Hot, hot, and add some rain. This is the time when Florida buzzes. It buzzes with tourists and mosquitoes. Fortunately for me, the neighbor has drained the swamp that was his swimming pool. Now, I am not living next to a Zika factory.

I am feeling well at the moment. Much of the earlier part of this week was spent working on Darlene's house and I've been a little sore. I tore out the flooring and replaced it with tile, Willy was plenty of help and I couldn't have done it without him. I also painted the room. White? Well, not my choice of colors but it's not my room.

Just before the rain, I finished mowing the backyard. What a week. I'm so tired. The real challenge of the week has been to encourage Peppy to go out and do his business. Peppy loves his a/c.

I got an email from a person telling me to remove some of the revealing pictures on my blog or he'll report me. He didn't tell me which pictures he found offensive or which blog he's talking about. I have two blogs. I think I know where it's coming from but I'll let him fizzle out on his own. Life is to short to deal with a person who enjoys stirring up shit.

Have a happy and safe holiday weekend.
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