Barry's weekly wrap-up 7/9/16

Personal log:

Here in Florida we are in our usual Summer weather pattern, hot, steamy, hot, with the occasional thunderstorms. I really haven't done a lot this week. Thanks to Netflix, I have seen a few episodes of an old mystery series that I used to enjoy called "Rosemary and Thyme". I enjoy a good whodunit and I like the idea of mature women as the stars of the show.

Speaking of gardening and mysteries, I will never understand why nature feels the urge to grow so rapidly when I don't feel like working in the yard? Yes, the yard could use some work but I'm not in the mood. Maybe next week?

In my mailbox:

Something that I shall post about on my Gnostalgia blog, I received a copy of  "Unseen Forces, A Guide for the Truly Attentive" from the folks at Atlantis Rising and Weiser Books. I love that company almost at much as I love getting something free in the mailbox. I'm like a kid at Christmas.

I've also received a free review copy of "Body Reading Plain and Simple" from Hampton Roads.

Computer related:

The mouse continues to work after I bashed it a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't recommend that method of mouse repair, but on this occasion it seems to have worked. My oldest computer has been running on Manjaro Linux without a problem. Rather than running Manjaro on both of my computers, I have returned Frankenstein to it's original Windows 7 OS. Basically, I hope to run some games on it. We shall see if Windows has me pulling my hair out.

Blog ...

I have put Sharon Day's book "Growing Up With Ghosts" on my Feature spot at the top of the blog and placed Julie Ferguson's book "Arizona's Back Roads" on the featured sidebar.


House of Dracula tonight !!! Yes, I plan on having the popcorn ready.

That's about all for me for this week. Have a happy and safe weekend...
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