Weekly wrap-up

It's Saturday...
We lucky few have made it to the weekend.
It's been a tough week for me. My little cohort in crime, Peppy, has passed away. He was a 14 year-old mixed-breed who sat with me through all of my late night horror movies. I will miss him. A dear friend, Debby, called and I was brought to tears talking about Peppy and "Wolfie". Wolfie is a Halloween decoration that always upset Peppy.
I am not sure that I will watch Svengoolie tonight. He is repeating the movie "The Ghoul" which between you and me was a disappointing movie. I think I could use a little more sleep.
I've been trying Manjaro Gnome and I have to admit that I am enjoying it. I really wasn't a Gnome guy but I must say that it is better than I thought it would be... Having said that, Manjaro is a pretty stable system.
Have a happy and safe weekend everyone!
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