Painted Skin: The Resurrection trailer

by - August 06, 2012

Is this freaking beautiful or what?

Painted Skin: The Resurrection, also known as Painted Skin (Part 2) is an upcoming Chinese supernatural fantasy film, and a sequel to Painted Skin (2008). The film was directed by Wu'ershan and starred Chen Kun, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Fei Xiang and Chen Tingjia in the lead roles. Produced at a budget of 1.5 million ¥, Painted Skin: The Resurrection is scheduled to be released in mainland China on 28 June 2012 .

Official synopsis: According to demon lore, it takes hundreds of years to attain human form. Even then, lacking a human heart, a demon cannot experience the true pains and passions of existence. However, there is a legend that if a pure human heart is freely offered to a demon, it can become a mortal and experience true life.

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