My techy week

This week, and much of last week,  it was all I could do to drag myself away from the bed. I seemed to have caught some sort of flu. Fortunately, the nasty bug has almost run it's course and I am feeling much better. Well, I think that I'll live anyway.

This week, as with so many other weeks, I decided to dabble with the customization of my Manjaro system. I have picked up a copy of Variety Wallpaper Changer. As with most of the software that I try, you should be able to pick it up free in the Manjaro repository. Of course you will have to use the repository of the version of Linux that you are using. I am also using the Gotham Conky so my desktop looks like this ...

I have set the  Variety program to change the wallpapers on the hour and to add a random quote. Both the wallpapers and quotes are gathered from the net. All in all, I like how it works. I've moved my main panel back to the bottom and I'll put a docky at the top. At some point, I may dabble with the wallpaper program to see what it can really do, but at the moment I am happy with it.

Some things have not gone as well in my tech this week. On my Kindle Fire, I am using an app called Myradar. I installed and enjoyed the program for a while without any issues. However, as luck would have it, shortly after writing a positive review on Amazon, I began to have problems with it. It crashes while downloading my local radar screen and, when it does work, it gives the weather for the wrong city. How weird is that? Maybe it is some sort of updating issue. I've noticed that another app , a coloring book, wont work.

My Windows 10 is working flawlessly though to be honest I haven't used it very much.

That's about all for my techy week ... go out there and play around with your tech.
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