Tell me what to play

It's getting close to the end for my time with Star Wars The Old Republic. I have maxed all but two classes and I am asking myself, what to play --- what to play --- what to play.  Seriously, SWTOR will be a hard game to follow for anyone and I am a demanding gamer.

No, not demanding as in a serious gamer, demanding as in I am a cheap bastard who wants a free game ---demanding. That's right SWTOR was/is free-to-play and I squeezed everything I could out of it. Now I am looking for something new --- and F2P.

Recently, thanks in part to PlayOnLinux, I have downloaded and installed Path of Exiles on my Manjaro computer. Though it is a Windows game, it plays nicely using PlayOnLinux and Wine. That being said, I am currently downloading Warframe through PlayOnLinux, Wine, and Steam. Cross your fingers and we will see what happens.

So what am I looking for? Something F2P that will work nicely with Linux.

If you have any cheap bastard games, post them in the comments. I'd love to hear what people are playing.
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