Ghost Hunters International: S03E08: The Man in the Iron Mask; Italy

This week, our intrepid ghost hunters traveled to Fort of Fenestrelle in Turin, Italy. The location was fantastic and I enjoyed looking at the Great Wall of the Alps.

The episode was much better than the boring episode last week. While the team managed a respectable 1.312 million viewers last week, the team seemed to almost sleep-walk through that episode and I wondered if this was the end of GHI. Fortunately, they gave a better episode this week.

I enjoyed watching the team's startled  reactions to odd sounds (because I'm evil), although I doubt that anything during that investigation was paranormal. I'm sure much of what was heard were animals.  Having said that, Paul's disbelief of Susan's account of seeing a flying black orb had me wondering if Paul suspected her of exaggerating evidence. The stone tossing reminded me of the now defunct "Most Haunted" and I wondered if some of the crew had worked on that show.

It would seem to me that someone should take a few minutes to brush up on the history and language of the locations being investigated. I didn't understand Barry raising the French flag, which was adopted in the 1790s, in order to get a reaction from a man who died in 1703. How would he know the meaning of the flag? I guess it has something to do with him understanding and responding in English.

I thought that it was a much better episode than last week, and I enjoyed it much more than that hideous Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

*update* Ratings  --- 1.173 million viewers down from 1.312 million viewers last week
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