Ghost Hunters International S03E09: The Crystal Maiden: Belize et France

Once again our intrepid ghost hunters traveled to foreign lands in search of ratings --- I mean ghosts. This time we visited a cave complex in Belize and a spirit (as in ghost not wine) in France. The cave contained the crystallized remains of a woman.

Susan Slaughter poses topless for artist Von Frankenstein
The best question of the episode was by Kris, who while looking at the crystallized skeleton asked, "why do they called her the crystal lady?" Oh Kris, you are the gift that keeps on giving.

At one point, Susan reports that she heard her name whispered in her ear. Scott standing to her right thought that he heard something at the same time. My theory is that the phantom whisper traveled from Susan's left ear, rattled around in her head, and emerged from her right ear. Scott then hears the sound emerge from Susan's right ear. It's just a theory.

It would seem that Susan's hearing her name whispered to her is fairly common. Isn't that one of the reported phenomena that won her the Ghost Hunters Academy contest? Maybe GHI should stick a recorder in her ear?

Later the team travels to a 14th century mansion in Queaux, France. They collect some poor evps that sound like "no". Pretty much what you would expect from the second half of an episode.

All in all, it was not their best episode. Having said that, they managed to bring in a respectable 1.297 million viewers which is a slight increase from the previous week of 1.173 million viewers.
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