The Green Slime

The Green Slime, not to be confused with the USDA approved "pink slime" that we feed to our children, is a 1968 classic science fiction B movie. In an effort to save the world from a collision with an asteroid, a team of astronauts travel to the asteroid and plant explosives. They return to their space station with a glowing "green slime".

As you might imagine, the slime mutates into one-eyed, tentacled monsters! This mutation might give the creatures the right to register to vote in my state, but not on this space station. The crew of the space station decides to resolve their illegal immigration status with lasers! However, blasting the slime creatures only spawns more slime creatures.

The cast  includes Robert Horton (as Commander Jack Rankin), Richard Jaeckel (as Commander Vince Elliott), and Luciana Paluzzi. Enjoy the movie trailer ...

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