Zaat movie trailer

Positively no one admitted during the last 15 minutes!

We mean it now ...

Zaat or  The Blood Waters of Dr. Z (and a few other bootleg titles) begins with a Nazi mad scientist Dr. Kurt Leopold who is looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • Marshall Grauer as Dr. Kurt Leopold
  • Wade Popwell as The Monster
  • Paul Galloway as Sheriff Lou Krantz
  • Gerald Cruse as Marine Biologist Rex Baker
Zaat got the coveted MST3K treatment. If you like B movie rubber suited monsters as much as I do, check out this film.

Brace yourself for one of the craziest, silliest, notorious (and most sought-after) underground monster movies of the 1970s. Something's fishy in the tiny Cypress Grove after a disgruntled ex-Nazi scientist emerges from his makeshift lab on the outskirts of town as a half-human, half-catfish monster and begins polluting the local waterways, creating a scary breed of amphibious mutants. The locals put a desperate call out to the Inter-Nations Phenomena Investigations Team (INPIT), whose special agents show up in a groovy RV, equipped with a six-wheeled dune buggy-like Amphicat. But will it be enough to handle the deranged creature and his army of deadly catfish? 
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