The Devil's Daughter

by - July 03, 2012

Following the terror trail of rattles and bassinets set forth by Rosemary's Baby, this Movie of the Week further fueled the public's fascination with Satanism. The Devil s Daughter delivers a young woman into a nightmare world when she learns her mother had promised to her to Satan when she was in infancy. Now of legal age, Lucifer has sent his earthly minions to claim his property and to make sure she is betrothed to the demon of his choice. Starring Shelley Winters (The Poseidon Adventure), Robert Foxworth (Transformers) and Dark Shadows star Jonathan Frid, The Devil's Daughter offers a candle-burning, wind-rustling, spooky time in front of the TV with the lights turned way, way down.

If you'd like to add this one to your DVD collection, check it out at Amazon (link). 

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