Queen of Blood

People are scurrying around with Christmas glee, bells are jingling, trees are being decorated, and power meters are spinning due to all of the Christmas lighting.  I, on the other hand, like to relive my childhood not with the jolly old St. Nick, but with monsters from old B movies. I recently re-watched "Queen of Blood."

The movie stared:
John Saxon as Allan Brenner
Basil Rathbone as Dr. Farraday
Judi Meredith as Laura James
Dennis Hopper as Paul Grant
Florence Marly as  "?" the Alien Queen

The year is 1990, as imagined by people in 1966, and the Earth has received a message from space aliens. On route to Earth, the aliens crash on Mars and an Earth ship is sent to rescue them. The lone alien survivor is a green woman with an unusual appetite. Okay, they gave it all away in the title.

It's a fun B movie made on a very low budget. This movie and Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet were made for just $33,052. Rathbone complained that he was worked overtime without pay or lunch.

Some people make the connection with this movie and Ridley Scott's original (1979) movie Alien.If you have a ---ahem--- taste for B movies, check this one out.

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