Assault of the Sasquatch

I make no apology for my love of B movies. For the most part, I enjoy old vintage B movies, but some of the newer ones can be as equally entertaining. In this case, "Assault of the Sasquatch" is a dark comedic B movie that generated more than a few chuckles.


When an evil bear poacher is arrested, no one thinks to check out what is in the back of his truck. Unbeknownst to the police, the poacher, using pizza as bait, captured a Sasquatch. As you might expect, the Sasquatch in the back of the truck goes on the warpath in the city. I imagine that this movie took a little inspiration from the 1954 movie The Snow Creature. Unlike the Snow Creature, Assault of the Sasquatch is packed with laughs.

I guess the best character had to be the evil poacher. Kevin Shea (the poacher) had the best lines and I loved his final act of defiance. Oh, by the way, watch Shea's eye patch cover the wrong eye in one scene.

The Chihuahua stomping, dress ripping to pull a dagger, and a pair of nerds chasing the Sasquatch with a camera (and a little voyeurism) made this movie a guilty pleasure. The Bigfoot wearing his "trophies" was a nice touch. Maybe Bobo Faye was right and pizza really is a Bigfoot food?

A fun B movie to watch while eating pizza ... enjoy.

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