Gargoyle (2004)

Gargoyle (2004)

Not to be confused with Cornel Wilde's 1972 classic Gargoyles, this version was set in Bucharest, Romania. Michael Paré stars as Ty "Griff" Griffin, a CIA agent assigned to a kidnapping case.

While resolving the kidnapping case with a shootout and car chase, Paré stumbles into a larger mystery involving gargoyles. I guess that's what politicians call mission creep.

Michael Paré was Michael Paré, don't get me wrong, I enjoy Michael Paré. The man is 4 days younger than I am and I like to see a man my age as a leading man. Having said that, Paré seems to be from the "Sean Connery" school of acting. No matter what character he plays it's always mid-20th century Brooklynite. Michael Paré is Michael Paré and that seems to work for him. But, at no point did I believe that he was a CIA agent. Maybe they should have titled this one Eddie and the Gargoyles (Cruisers)...

For the most part, the acting was what you would expect from a B movie. It is basically a "man finds monster --- monster rips man a new butt-hole" movie. The CGI was fair, but the creature and his motivations were puzzling. It seems that the gargoyle is susceptible to Priest blood for some unknown/unexplained reason yet they ripped apart a Priest. Oddly enough, a Priest seemed to believe that gargoyles would make him a king of the world but displayed no ability to control them. Why did the gargoyle feed on women and gangsters but not easy meals like animals? The movie left me unsatisfied with it's ending. If you want to see a gargoyle movie, Cornel Wilde's Gargoyles is a better choice.

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