Christmas or Halloween?

by - November 30, 2014

I'm thinking Halloweenmas.

You know, you leave a few Halloween decorations up. Maybe add a few skulls to your Christmas tree. A few Nightmare Before Christmas decorations should work nicely. You can throw in some Krampus stuff and *boom* you're done.

Never-mind, pay no attention to me. The neighbors think I'm weird enough as it is ... Go back to your Coca-cola Santa and elves.

Ode to Krampus

Open the front door you Gloomy Gus
The chimney ain’t no place for Krampus
Let others have their gifts and cheer
Krampus brings you whips and fear
Krampus will avenge you for a life so rough
and punish those who think their tough
Krampus feels your swollen tears
and whips those bullies on their rears
Krampus armed with a whip and horns
a drooling tongue as sharp as thorns
punishes the wicked on Christmas night
to the downtrodden’s earthly delight
Those who are not on the list of Ol’ Nick
may receive the gift of a Krampus lick

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