The week wrap-up 11/08

We are now in the month of November, my how time flies, and I am clearing up the Florida room for the Christmas decorations. The weather is pleasant and things, knock on wood, seem to be going well.

Peppy is his normal annoying self and I've almost stepped on him this week more times than I can count. Even now he is only 3 inches away from my feet.


The visits are up. Two of the top 5 pages are about the book "Arizona's Back Roads" --- good for Julie Ferguson. In the future, I will create a Facebook fan page just for Attention Earthlings!


I am still playing Star Wars the Old Republic and I'm on the planet Voss. At level 42, I can see the end of the game coming up and I am in the mood to try another free-to-play MMO. I'm not really sure what to try.


I've read "Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit: The Secrets of Erotic Magic", but I am not sure that I will review it. If I do, I will post the review on Gnostalgia. I bought "Buddhism For Beginners: A Guidebook On Understanding The Practice Of This Ancient Religion" and "The Forever Gate".


I've watched a lot of B Westerns on Grit TV  I'm looking forward to The Mummy tonight on Svengoolie.

Things to come:

I am really getting excited about the final movie of The Hobbit. My wallpaper.

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