The weekly wrap-up 11/29

by - November 29, 2014

 *re-post from Gnostalgia*

I have been writing a weekly wrap-up on my Attention Earthlings blog and it has been getting quite a few hits. Sadly, AE doesn’t pull in nearly the numbers that Gnostalgia pulls in so I thought that I’d move my weekly wrap-up to Gnostalgia. Who knows maybe I’ll cross-post?

I did manage to bring up to date my Reviews of 2014 page (on Gnostalgia). In a couple of weeks, I will put together my CROW winners. In the past, I’ve picked 13, but this year I’ll trim it down to between 4 to 6 books.


Thanksgiving is over and I was thrilled so see everyone get together. The food was awesome – as usual.  No, I did not indulge in the shopping madness. In fact, I am almost finished shopping for Christmas — only one more present to buy.

I plan to wrap a couple of books for those unexpected gift-givers that seem to show up every year. You know, the people that you haven’t seen in a couple of years who just happen to be in town with time to kill and a gift that they want to re-gift *wink*.

T’is the season

I’ve updated my pictures on my Google+, and Facebook. I’ve also added a steampunk Santa to my Facebook cover.


I finished Star Wars the Old Republic as a Sith Inquisitor. While I enjoyed the character that I created, I think that the Imperial agent story-line was the best so far. I think that I’ll give MMO’s a break for a while and enjoy a little more REAL life. What is that strange glowing thing in the sky?

I haven’t bought and new books this week nor have I  received any in the mail. I did write a review of “Talus and the Frozen King” (link) I thought that it was pretty good. I’ve also read about 3 copies of Legenderry — should I review them?

Movies — TV

I’m enjoying the second season of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries of Netflix. The more I watch Miss Fisher the more I feel that I should blog about the show. Expect to see some future blog posts promoting the hell out of the series.

That’s about it for this week for me … enjoy the season.

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