Politics and the movies

I can't help but find a certain amount of humor in the asinine behavior of the political talking-head class. They fret, spit, protest, whine, and occasionally praise, all facets of life from their own narrow political prism.  In this case, lefties are upset about "American Sniper" while those on the right are whining about the inaccuracies of "Selma".

In the case of "Selma", the movie is just that, a movie not a documentary (as if documentaries can be considered accurate in today's political polarization) with a little tinkering with the facts. If a person is so naive as to believe that movies are true and accurate representation of life, they deserve to live the life of an idiot.  For those who want a serious study of Martin Luther King Jr., I suggest reading a few History books (The King trilogy, by Taylor Branch, Strength to Love, by Martin Luther King Jr., The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr., by Martin Luther King Jr. and Clayborne Carson). Personally, I liked the movie through I didn't like the portrayal of LBJ. While some people may be upset that "Selma" did not win awrds, or in some cases receive nominations,  I believe much of that issue is based on LBJ's portrayal.

Of course, my biggest laugh has to be the negativity of the left to the popular movie "American Sniper".  Movie posters and billboards have been vandalized and some people have criticized the movie for nothing more than the use of a doll instead of a "real" baby. Let me get this straight, in your left-wing world fake blood, fake explosions, fake bullets are fine, but a baby doll ruins the authenticity of the movie?   It's a FREAKING movie!

Look, it's your business, if your want to live in your conservative/liberal political ghetto surrounded by those who think, act, and behave as you do, but leave the rest of us out of it. Some of us would like to be exposed to liberal ideals without being called a commies or conservative ideals without being called racist Nazis, and believe it or not, some of us like to think for ourselves.

So to those political extremists I have only of thing to say, don't preach your political religion to me.I'm a political atheist.
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