The Viking Board Game --- Hnefatafl Board

 Every Sunday my family gather for breakfast and our weekly gab-fest. In my case, my nephew Willy and I talk games. In the spirit of our weekly chats, I've decided to talk about a game that I find very interesting called tafl or hnefatafl.

 Hnefatafl is a an ancient Viking era game that was popular in Northern Europe. It is a chess-like game where the pieces move somewhat like the rooks of chess. The object is one player to surround the King on four sides or the other player to move his King to the border's corner. Check out the
"Let's Play" video ...

If you would like to try your hand at making a board, Instructables has an excellent build to look at (link). I'm really in the mood to try this game with some mead. My ancestors would be so proud ... *smile*

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