The Undertaker Horror Style Wax Warmer

Who knows? You might want to keep this functional decoration out all year. For those times when I want the house to smell a little less like Peppy and a little more like anything else!

It doesn't matter to the Undertaker how you behave. - Whether you are a Saint or knave, - He will happily dig your grave. - Friend or foe, butcher or baker, - The Undertaker will send you to your maker. - Halloween Forevermore wax warmers combine fragrance and spooky design to create a spine-chilling ambiance in any room. Decorate your environment with a safe heat source to melt wax fragrance cubes and fill the room with a wonderful aroma. No burning fires to create a hazard. The removable warming plate makes changing scents easy and safe. These warmers are a great accent to your Halloween or everyday hair-raising d├ęcor. Ceramic vessel. Warming plate powers on with standard size electrical plug. For use with your choice of wax fragrance melts. Wax melts are not included.
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