Fantastic Four Fantastic Flop

Well the numbers are coming in on the debacle known as the Fantastic Four and they are not good. In the US ticket sales were pretty sad and the overseas ticket sales were a big yawn. The reviews have been very negative and I don't believe that even the most hard-core Marvel fan will bother with this turkey. I'd really be surprised if Fox kept the franchise ... perhaps it would do better back in Marvel's hands?

If Fox decides to reboot it's reboot, here are a few ideas.

Enough with the origin stories, we know who these guys are...

There are good Fantastic Four stories out there. Buy some comic books, and your storyboards are done.

Get a Director who cares.

Get actors who care. They don't have to love the Fantastic Four, they just have to be professional.

Hire some comedy writers to punch up the dialogue.

If you need any other suggestions --- call me.

Come on Fox, this is NOT rocket science. If you are not willing to do any of these suggestions, please sell the franchise to someone else --- anyone else.

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