Timey wimey Time Lord

The more the Doctor changes the more he stays the same. I can remember as a teenager sprinting home from the school bus to watch Dr.Who on TV. In those days the Doctor was played by Tom Baker and as cringe-worthy as some of it was I enjoyed every Gallifreyan minute of it. The years have rolled by as they inevitably do and the actors have come and gone, but the Time Lord's magic still captures my imagination --- and that of my nephew.

I picked my nephew up from College and we watched a little TV. While fumbling through the selections on Netflix, he stopped, looked at me for a moment, and selected Dr. Who. The new Doctor isn't the Doctor that I remember from my youth and yet he is. Dr. Who isn't the Dr. Who I remember from my youth and yet it is.

I can't really watch Dr. Who without seeing it through nostalgic eyes.

I suppose that the most magical thing about the madman with a box is that both my nephew and I can watch the Doctor after school and geek out on the timey wimey time lord.

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