Goodbye Albion Online and thanks for all the free

When I first heard of Albion Online, I was delighted, a Linux friendly MMO that is free to play ---- how cool is that! I tried everything I could to get a free taste of this new free-to-play game. I found myself thwarted in my attempts to get the software while at the same time teased with ads (thanks a lot Google) for the FREE game.

When I did manage to get a copy, I was crushed to find out that FREE was not FREE. The company wanted you to PAY to beta test the game. Really? You want me to pay to get early access to a game that may not work? May not run on my system? May be buggier than hell? Really?

The latest news is that the beta has been extended until August and at the conclusion of the beta the program will no longer be free. So this is Albion Online, FREE, FREE, free, pay for beta, PAY FOR BETA,  PAY.

At this point, I wouldn't touch the game with a ten-foot pole. I'll wait to see what the game reviewers say about the game but, even with positive reviews, I doubt that I will take a chance on the game. Thanks Albion but no thanks --- I didn't appreciate the bait and switch.

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