Legends of Tomorrow

I gave Legends of Tomorrow a look last night and came away disappointed. The show sounded like a lot of fun. Who doesn't like comic-book superheroes and villains traveling through time? Of course, if you can time travel, why not travel to when the main villain was a child and change History? I imagine that there is some magical timey-winney reason why you can't. If they covered it in this episode, I must have missed it.

I suppose what I hated the most was the time -traveler, he seemed to be a poor imitation of Dr. Who. To be honest, I'd rather watch Dr. Who. The writing is weak, the dialogue is lame, the acting is poor, and the plot has major holes. Even the Tardis, I mean the Waverider *ahem*, is shot to pieces but makes a great escape from what one person describes as Boba Fett.

I'll try a few more episodes but I really don't know about this one.
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