My techy week

My techy week...

This week I managed to crash Windows 10 twice ... that's about my average. In both cases, I was playing Star Wars the Old Republic and I was on a speeder.  It would seem that my old Windows rig can't handle the speed. I haven't played any games on my Manjaro Linux system, although, I've played a little Angry Birds on my Kindle. So, I guess you could say that I'll gamed a little on Linux.

My current desktop on Manjaro looks like this:

I stumbled across this wallpaper on Google + tim dixe Eye Candy Linux Tim used it for his Linux Mint rig. I simply did a google search and downloaded the original.  Eventually, I would like to have a steampunk theme, but I couldn't pass up this wallpaper. Along the lines of steampunk, I've downloaded some steampunk icons here (link). Now if I can only find a nice wallpaper.

The Kindle has been perfect and I am really enjoying it. I've read about 6 (or more) ebooks and I've downloaded a couple more courtesy of Angry Robot. I'll write up some reviews of the Angry Robots books.

I am also tinkering around with Calibre and my Kindle. I have had ebooks sent to me by several Authors and I'll see if I can port them into my Kindle through Calibre. In addition to that, I'll experiment with Calibre's news fetch to see if I can get free newspapers added to my Kindle.

That's enough for now ... enjoy your tech everyone!
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