Review: Nylas N1 email

Alrighty folks, I have downloaded and installed the N1 Nylas email client. I'm using it on my Manjaro Linux rig and it seems to be working nicely. You can learn more about this free open source mail client here (link).

I don't believe that I have ever had an easier time setting up an email client. I'm a Gmail user, for the most part, and I was surprised that N1 had a Gmail feel. As I said, the install was easy and the set-up was nothing more than entering my login name and password. I decided to add my old hotmail/outlook email address and stumbled about with Outlooks security. A few minutes later, I was sending and receiving email from my hotmail account.

All in all, the Nylas N1 email client has performed flawlessly and without the headache associated with other email clients. The interface is user friendly and more importantly Noob friendly. I think I'll use this for a while.

I give it a Barry approved thumbs up.

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