Yes, I do use Windows 10

I just received an interesting email asking if I only used Linux and what I thought of Windows 10. I use Peppermint OS on an old, and I do mean old, computer in my study and Manjaro on a computer recently moved to my bedroom. I love the Linux experience and I've had a pleasant experience overall using Linux. That being said, I do use and enjoy Windows 10.

My Windows 10 system has been moved to the Florida-room where friends and family can enjoy a computer OS that they are familiar with. For me, this Windows 10 is the gaming computer. Not that I consider myself a "gamer", I am a noob casual gamer at best, but I enjoy many of the games and software that I can get for Windows.

Am I concerned with the privacy issues associated with Windows 10? Not really. I mean, I encourage friends and family to use this computer. I will surf on it, read/write some blog posts, read an ebook, but by in large this computer is for simple low-end gaming. I'm also part of the Windows Insider program ( slow ring ) My current build is 10586.104 which I believe that most people get sometime this Fall. I could be wrong.

So there you are, I dabble with all sorts of computer OS systems and software. In the future, I will try to post more about Windows and cover some tips/tricks and some of the software that I am using.
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