Review: The Custodian Of Marvels

I really should have enjoyed this book but sadly I didn't.

This ebook was a free review copy from good folks at Angry Robot and Netgalley. I want to thank them.

As most of you know, I love steampunk. With the addition of any little steampunk imagery, your novel goes up a point or more with me. This book had all of the elements to make me a very happy camper. Sadly, I really didn't like it.

Product description:

You’d have to be mad to steal from the feared International Patent Office. But that’s what Elizabeth Barnabus is about to try. A one-time enemy from the circus has persuaded her to attempt a heist that will be the ultimate conjuring trick.
Hidden in the vaults of the Patent Court in London lie secrets that could shake the very pillars of the Gas-Lit Empire. All that stands in Elizabeth’s way are the agents of the Patent Office, a Duke’s private army and the mysterious Custodian of Marvels.
Rod Duncan returns with the climactic volume of The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire, the breathtaking alternate history series that began with the Philip K. Dick Award-nominated The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter.

I suppose what bothered me the most was, what seemed to me to be, the unfinished ending. The book seemed to unravel rather than come to a satisfying conclusion. It was almost as if the Author had decided that enough was enough and that he wanted to move on to another story.

The characters were pretty interesting and the setting was well fleshed out. Having said that, at no point was I ever "hooked". I could easily set this book aside to work on other projects. Maybe my lack of interest was that the previous book  that I read "United States of Japan" was so good. Maybe it's the Kindle experience which, while is good, is not as good as holding a real book.

I'll put this one on my re-read list. Maybe it is just me and maybe I need an attitude adjustment. "The Custodian of Marvels" by Rod Duncan has a lot of favorable reviews and it is worth checking out.
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