Windows 10 desktop wallpaper

Hello my pre-apocalyptic brothers and sisters,

I had to share the desktop of my Windows 10 system. I am using Rainmeter ( to add the date to my desktop. One thing I love about Linux is the program Conky but Rainmeter is a good Windows substitute. You can find hundreds of skins for your rainmeter so go crazy.

I plan to clean up my desktop pretty soon. I'm still trying out "Youtiube Movie Maker" to edit my videos. Having said that, I'm burning up most of my free time trying games.

I'm almost finished with "Star Wars the Old Republic". I'm downloading "Warframe" and I plan to download "War Thunder" and "Marvel Heroes 2016". I wanted to download "Wildstar" but the download randomly stops. That being said, I can't get "Blade and Soul" to download at all. Oh well, there are plenty of games out there to play on the cheap --- or free.

Anything to take my mind off of the apocalypse ... or is it post-apocalyptic training?


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