Living with Linux: All Pepperminty

by - April 28, 2016

My Manjaro system is having a bit of a hiccup when it comes to Steam. For some odd reason, I can run Steam from the terminal but I can not run it from the menu. I had this problem once before and managed to fix it but, in all honesty, I tried so many "fixes" that I don't know what worked or what combination of fixes worked. That being said, running steam from the Terminal is no big deal. I can't really play games anyway because my mouse is dying.

I was hoping that the mouse was just a driver issue but no it's just as bad on other computers. I had recently purchased a new mouse but I gave it to Mom when I replaced her Windows XP with my Windows 10 rig. Gotta set Mom up with the good stuff.

At any rate, the Peppermint rig is working perfectly as you might expect from Peppermint. I want to thank the developers of the Peppermint Linux OS, you guys rock. This old computer sat gathering dust for a couple of years and Linux (Peppermint) has brought it back to life. I've been using Peppermint for 8 or 9 months now and I've only had a flew minor glitches. It's a rock solid little Linux OS.

It's a rainy gloomy-looking morning here in my part of Florida and I think that I will spend the day backing up data on the computers and cleaning up the house... joy.

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