Living with Linux: Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu

by - April 23, 2016

As most of us who love Linux know, Ubuntu has upgraded to a new LTS version. This version will be good for, I believe, three years so it's probably a good idea to begin the process of backing-up your data and upgrading. Having said that, you might take your time while some of the bugs are being worked out. While I am not currently using any of the 'buntus, I have used Lubuntu for a while and really enjoyed it.  Currently, I am using Manjaro and Peppermint.

That being said, Peppermint is based on Ubuntu so when Ubuntu flexes it's muscle I am effected. I suspect that, after the Ubuntu dust has settled, Peppermint will have a nice new shiny upgrade this Summer reflecting some of the Ubuntu improvements.  I hope that they do not indulge in a radical change to the already awesome Operating System.

My Manjaro system has been awesome as you might expect from an Arch-based distribution. I had a minor hiccup when Steam wouldn't run (I had to purge the libraries) and Manjaro had an easy fix for that issue. I also noticed that my Linux Kernel wouldn't update but with a little reading in the Manjaro forums and the Arch Wiki I found an easy solution. All in all, I am really in love with my Manjaro system. By the way, if you are interested in learning more about this OS take a look at ( Spatry's beginner's tour, you'll get a lot out of it. You might also try out Spatry's Cup of Linux (http://www.cupoflinux/) it's a really good community of Linux enthusiasts of all levels.

I suppose that I can't end this post without expressing my sadness over the loss of Prince. What an incredible talent. With that sad note, I will say have a happy and safe weekend. Life is too precious to waste.

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