No more War Thunder for me

All in all, I enjoyed the game, I even enjoyed the tall ships battle . Having said that, I am on a slow internet connection and 30+ minutes of updates before playing a game takes all of the fun out of it. I can sit down at my computer and play World of Warplanes or my old favorite Crimson Skies with minimal delay. But, by the time I've downloaded the updates for War Thunder, I'm no longer in the mood to play.

Like I say, it is a fun game but that doesn't mean a lot if you can't play it. Perhaps this is just a temporary thing and I may return to  the game sometime in the future and try it again. But, come on War Thunder folks how about one update a week. Is it so hard to get all of your stuff fixed for one update? For me, the game has been less War Thunder and more War Blunder.
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