My Manjaro this week

This is my Manjaro desktop. I am using a Dr. Who Cyberman that I got from here (link). Seriously, there are hundreds of Dr. Who wallpapers to choose from on that site. I downloaded several Tardis, a few weeping angels, and a collection of cybermen.

I am using the Arc theme with the Vivacious Dark Graphite icons. I think that it looks pretty sharp. I had a weird error while trying to download my Arc theme, "Pacman is currently in use, please wait".

Sadly, the Manjaro forums were in the process of changing  to a new forum so I had to touch base with some Arch users. It seemed a file had locked during a faulty download attempt. I was a simple matter of deleting the lock "db.lck".

The new Manjaro forums are starting up and I signed up. I noticed a few posts from Spatry. I believe that I will add the links to the Arch, Manjaro, and Peppermint forums on this blog to better help some of the Linux users out there.

Have a happy and safe Friday the 13th ...

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