Barry's weekly wrap-up, June 11th

Personal log...

It's a bit hard to believe that we are nearly half-way through the month of June. While so many tourist love Panama City in the Summer, I can't wait to feel a little Fall chill in the air. This week we have settled into out usual weather pattern, hot, humid, and some sea-breeze thunderstorms.

Speaking of tourists, I was saddened to learn about the young man who, while digging a sand tunnel, died when his sand tunnel collapsed. Recently, we have lost several tourists to drowning and my prayers go out to the families.

Tonight, I will be watching Svengoolie, he will be playing "Pillow of Death".  It may not be the scariest movie that I've ever seen but it's a good late-night popcorn muncher.


I'm still enjoying my move to Manjaro on my older computer. Had I known that Manjaro would run this well on such an old computer I would have made the change long ago. Now, I look back on my time with Peppermint as a sort of waste. Well, live and learn.

On my more robust computer that I have dubbed Frankenstein, Manjaro has been running flawlessly as you might expect. I am currently downloading Wildstar on Steam using PlayonLinix. I've been looking for a good game to try out on Frankenstein. Let's see if this works out.

I've been using MComix to read digital comics. The last comic that I tackled was "The Rocketeer At War". What can I say, I'm a sucker for steampunk and dieselpunk.


Hampton Roads was kind enough to send me a free review copy of "Palmistry Plain and Simple" and a copy of "Tarot Mysteries". I think that I'll do a review of them on my Gnostalgia blog.

Tonight's challenge:

When watching Svengoolie and you hear the line, "My dear fellow, the word abracadabra is anathema to the true believer in the occult." toast the memory of Lon Chaney.
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