Cleaning up my internet footprints

I guess that I am getting to a point in my life where I feel the need to downsize. Not just downsize in my "real" life, but downsize in my cyber-life as well. I suppose some of it may be the tiring emails that I may need to change my passwords because the service I use has been hacked. What's even a bigger bummer is that the notice is from a service that I rarely use. It begs the question, if I'm not using the service, why am I still signed up?

Let the clean-up begin.

My first deletion was easy enough. A web-service that provided free webpages was going out of business and it advised me to collect my data. --- DONE ---

The next two were services have value but I simply wasn't using them; LinkedIn and Tumblr. LinkedIn had been hacked some time back and Tumblr has only recently admitted that they had been hacked a few months ago. Simply put, I wasn't using them. ---DONE---

How does it feel? Well, I am happy that my accounts have been deleted and that I have a little less cyber clutter in my life. How much more will I prune? Only time will tell. That being said, if you notice some social media links going away on this blog, you know why.
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