Peppermint OS 7, June 30th?

Only three weeks after telling me that they ( a developer ) felt "no obligation to release information about the Peppermint development process", Peppermint has released this:

 Hi Peppermint Nation .. Team Peppermint would like to announce a preliminary launch date of the 30th of June for Peppermint 7.
Please be aware that this is currently only a 'pencilled in' date, if any new bugs come to light, etc. the release may be pushed back until they are fixed. That said, the private beta test hasn't brought up any show stoppers so far, so fingers crossed.
I suppose that saying we are only weeks away from making an announcement was too hard for the developer who contacted me. Perhaps he was out of the loop? Perhaps he didn't know that they were weeks away from making an announcement? Perhaps he didn't care? Perhaps the man gets off on  stirring some shit with people asking questions?

I'm not sure how good Peppermint 7 will be but, based on the  'pencilled in' announcement, I wonder if it has any spell-check?

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