Barry's weekly wrap-up 7/16/16

A brief shower has rattled through my little part of the world and I am still watching the water drop from the leaves. It will be another hot and steamy day with an occasional thunderstorm rolling up the Bay. I can't wait til Fall.

Peppy has not been very happy with the hot weather and spends most of his time under the coffee-table in the living-room.  I have to admit that I am considering the idea of moving my Windows 10 computer into a cooler room.

It wont be long and I will have some dates from my palm tree in the front yard. I'm not quite sure what I will do with them. At any rate, if I do nothing, the birds will enjoy them.

My other trees are not looking very good and I am a little concerned that they may not survive the Winter. Neither the lime tree nor the orange tree look very healthy.

After the tragedy at Nice, I really haven't watched a lot of TV, I just couldn't take all of the bad news dished out by the Networks. This week I've read; "Unseen Forces, A Guide for the Truly Attentive", "Body Reading Plain and Simple", and "Bullet Gal".

Blogwise I haven't changed a lot. I have replaced the "no picture" graphic with my picture. The "no picture" graphic looked like some kind of error to me so I'll look for or create a better graphic. Until then, get used to my ugly mug.

Computer related...

As some of you know, I've changed the OS on my "Frankenstein" computer from Manjaro Linux back to Windows 7. I have recently upgraded the Windows 7 to Windows 10. What a horror story. I'll have to write a post just detailing my experiences ... geez. As for my oldest computer, it is running Manjaro XFCE just perfectly and, to be honest, I prefer it to my more robust "Frankenstein" computer running Windows.

Well that's enough from me. Svengoolie is on MeTV tonight, "Cult of the Cobra". You know where I'll be this evening with a big bowl of salty popcorn.
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