Barry's weekly wrap-up 7/23/16

The weather is, as you would expect of Florida, hot and humid and I've noticed that the heat is directly reflected in my power bill --- geez. I've decided to move my Windows 10 computer to a cool room inside the house, at least for a couple of months. Currently, I am downloading Guild Wars 2 and I plan to explore some that world while tucked away in a nice cool room. When not gaming, I intend to read and daydream about the Fall.

Speaking of books, I have received "The Lost Adventure of Constance Verity" from Saga Press, and "The Haunting of Asylum 49" by New Page Books. I want to thank Saga Press and New Page Books for the free review copies. As for my other books, I'd have to look at my Kindle but I must have bought about 10'ish.

I have changed the bottom panel from steampunk/dieselpunk to books. I am also considering using an avatar of either a robot or a mad scientist and doing more vloging. If I vlog on a regular basis, I think I'd put the video in the sidebar. If you can expect any one thing from Attention Earthlings, expect change.

That;s all for this week. Keep cool...
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