Review Bullet Gal

What can I say about Bullet Gal that you don't get from the title?
From time to time I need a good page-turning action story and this one fit the bill. I really liked the old film noir vibe that was set in a dystopian future. I liked Mitzi's voice.
The story has a  Kazuo Ishiguro or P.D. James feel to it.
Teenage gunsel-cum-aspiring-hero Mitzi (last name unknown) breezes into Heropa with twin 9 mm pistols blazing - only to be targeted for recruitment, betrayal and assassination. French femmes fatale, an out-of-touch super-powered elite, and one hell of an underlying mystery, figure heavily in this fusion neo-noir, science-fiction dystopia. Interweaving the scrappy one-liners is a story much more than the sum of its parts, concerning questions about grand creative process.
I strongly recommend this one. Pick up a copy here:
I want to thank Andrez Bergen for sending me this free review copy.
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